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If you have questions which aren't addressed here, please feel free to contact us by email or just give us a call.

We ask you to consider offering this alternative form of casket protection to your families at need.

Effective April 1, 2016 additional buy options and discounts have been added.

As shown in the above video, the Casket Shield by American Casket Cover is easily applied
to any casket up to 29.5 inches wide. Custom sizes available by special order.


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How much is Casket Shield?...Contact Us...

Due to the nature of the Funeral Industry as a whole, we are not openly providing costs on the website.
Please contact us at americancasketcover@aol.com or call 1-631-740-9666 and provide us with
your Funeral Home name and Directors name for details on pricing. We will email you a link to our price page.

You will be sent a free sample of Casket Shield with your first order.

Just what is Casket Shield?

To put it simply, Casket Shield is a waterproof cover to protect a casket. It is comprised of an essential upper dome and a lower base. When using the base cover, this is applied to the casket before the casket goes onto the device. The upper dome is then applied to the casket in less than 2 minutes after the funeral service. The upper dome goes over the top of the casket and the drawstring is pulled taut overlapping the lower base unit. This gives the best possible protection. If only the upper dome is being applied, it is applied to the casket after the funeral service while the casket is on the lowering device.

Why was Casket Shield developed?

Casket Shield was developed in response to a few problems...
  A) For families that otherwise may not be able to afford any traditional form of extra protection for their deceased loved one. To develop a solution which would give them piece of mind that they have done all they could
  B) Also, the creator of Casket Shield had noticed that casket only burials were becoming more the trend..

Why would I want to offer Casket Shield to my customers?

If your customers do not have the finances to afford any traditional form of extra protection but would not regret being offered alternative protection, then this is an opportunity to offer Casket Shield...using Casket Shield opens up an opportunity for everyone to be able to afford protection for their loved one, thus giving the family the peace of mind they desire and an opportunity to bring in additional revenue that would otherwise have been lost.

What is Casket Shield made from?

Casket Shield is constructed from high-tensile PVC coated polyester fabric which is flexible, waterproof and extremely strong and will not break down over time.

Provides an impermeable barrier against the elements.

Base and dome are included in all orders

Simple, clear instructions included with every unit.
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